Thursday, May 21, 2015


by Janet and Cheryl Snell

ISBN: 9780991212170
Price: $20
53 pages
Publisher: Moria Books
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About the Book

GEOMETRIES pairs expressionist drawings with lyric narratives, exploring the intersection of art and writing from different points of view, sometimes from a character in the drawing, sometimes from the emotional distance of the poet making a representation of a representation. The pieces navigate a territory whose boundaries merge –– grief into consolation, logic to fantasy, attraction to detachment, and the creators’ shared sense of melancholy layers the whole in the varied ways  meaning is made.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How We Come Undone

Tough Room

In the room, she eyes
the exit. Next week
she won’t come, next week
they’ll miss her. Well. Some will.
Some don’t –
outside the context of the room
she doesn’t know
who her friends are
and so searches aimlessly,
sometimes for years, until she forgets
what she was looking for. She would like to
return to the room to start over
but others just like it have sprung up.
She enters the idea of the room instead
where strangers fill the seats inside her head.
They must have expected something fresh
after the big build-up. How were they to know
she'd already come full circle, beginning again
at exactly the point where she’d been interrupted.

-  first published in Pank #7